News Years Eve with Mitch Rider 1984

Center Stage 1978

2nd Chance Ann Arbor 1978

With Salem Witchcraft 1978 Center Stage

Toronto 1976

Gas Works,Toronto 1978

Flint 1978

Opening up for Aerosmith

After the gig, hanging out Ted

Backstage with Arthur Penthallow,
prior to going on stage with REO Speedwagon

Goofing around in the loading area
with the tour trucks

On stage ;-)

Hanging out with Stage Monitor
man, Peter (Seger-07)

Backstage with Craig Frost
Silver Bullet/Grand Funk

Backstage with World
Famous DJ, Carl Coffee

Backstage with Seger's wife Nita.
She is very nice and
keeps Bob grounded

Backstage with Alto Reed
Silver Bullet

With Kid Rock, March 2007


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