I was raised in a very poor household.  Our food and toys (if any), came from the local Firemen, the Goodfellows, and the Salvation Army.  At a very young age I learned what it’s like to be hungry and what it feels like to wear hand-me-down clothes.  That’s a feeling I’d like to spare every young person and all of their family members from experiencing.

As an adult, I have been blessed with such a wonderful family and a great business of my own, that I’ve been able to give back, pretty regularly.

The “HOLY KNIGHT” CD was born out of years and years of friends and family asking, “When are you going to record something we can listen to again?”  Well I no longer needed the money from residuals or performing, and I’m definitely too old to be a “ROCK STAR”, so I selected some of my favorite Christmas songs and decided to do it for all my family members, my friends, all my old fans (both of them!), everyone I love, and donate every penny from the CD to charity.

I have been involved with C.S. Mott Children’s Hospital for about six years now, and it opened my eyes to another whole new world of priorities. Mike Bradley, (105.1 The Magic Morning Show), a friend of mine from high school, got me involved in the “Toys for Tots” program, and helped us raise a lot of money for the kids and their families. My hope is to get a lot more radio personalities and their Program Directors on board to let us help them raise money for their charities. I am covering all expenses for the recording sessions and the cost of the CD’s, out of pocket.  Every penny from the CD’s will go to the charities.

You would think all the radio stations would jump at a chance like this, but after all the hard work Kurt, Webmaster, Brother-in-Law, Wifey, John, Rickster, Billy and I do, I still feel like it’s not quite enough. I sell the CD’s for $5.00 each at all the live shows and $7.00 by mail, (to cover shipping & packaging charges).

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Thank you and GOD BLESS 


"We can't run from who we are, Our Destiny Chooses Us!"



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