Arlen Viecelli was born in Livonia, Michigan, the fourth son in a family of eight.  Drawn to music at the age of nine, he sang Silent Night in German on a tape recording for a family friend.  He knew he wanted to be a singer/guitar player when at the age of ten he watched as all the girls in the house cried when Elvis was shot in “Love Me Tender.”  That same night he taught himself how to play the theme song from Bonanza on a six-string acoustic guitar that had only three strings, E, A and D.

His first band in 1967 consisted of four local musicians:  lead guitar/singer (Arlen), bass player/singer (Denny Leatum), keyboard player (Terry Emery), and drummer (Jim).  The band lasted about two years and played all the LYI dances and Sock Hops. 

In 1968 Arlen joined a band called The Coming Generation.  That band consisted of five musicians:  lead guitar/vocals (Arlen), rhythm guitar/vocals (Rick Pringle), bass guitar/vocals (Larry Winger), keyboards (Mike Mijal), and drummer/vocals (Jim [Mouth] Purol).  The Coming Generation played throughout Lower Michigan including the Cavern and Cobo Hall.  Management was by Marge Lombardi "she was a lifesaver".

In 1969 Arlen, playing lead guitar and vocals, formed a duo with drummer/vocalist Darrell Ferraiuolo.  The duo, believe it or not, was pretty interesting.  They did songs from the Who (like Tommy), Cream, and a whole host of musical arrangements.  I guess they were ahead of their time (White Stripes).

In 1970, Arlen joined a band called Salem Witchcraft.  They had a van, P.A. system, and a manager (Bob Drake).  Soon after Arlen joined the band, they hired their first of three keyboard players (Dave Hall). 

The four-piece band hit the ground running.  They quickly outgrew their manager, the van, and the P.A. system.  The band lasted the first time until October of 1979.  During the nine years they were together they became incorporated, bought a 23-foot equipment truck, 16-channel P.A. system, an eight-channel side monitor board, full light show (including two Super Trooper thousand-watt follow spots), hired an attorney and CPA (on retainer), a road manager (Chris Best), five full-time roadies, a national booking agency, a national management company, and purchased a house on Ford Road (in Garden City) where the road crew lived. 

The band released five records and two videos, and toured with Canned Heat on a 45-day international tour.  It was quite an accomplishment for the four young men.  The highlight of the Salem years was the addition of Kurt Schreitmueller on the keyboards from 1976 to 1979.  During that time the band opened for REO Speedwagon, Kiss, Ted Nugent, Aerosmith, Foreigner, Bob Seger, STYX, and a host of other national acts.

In the winter of 1979 Arlen and Kurt formed a new band called Poison.  It was killer rock and roll. 

In the spring of 1980 Arlen recorded a dozen songs with Robyn Robbins (Silver Bullet Band). Shortly after that, Arlen did sessions with Henri Weck (Brownsville Station) and live shows with Charlie Huhn (Ted Nugent and currently with Foghat).  (Check out Charlie Huhn at

Throughout the fall of 1980 until the spring of 1981, Arlen put a band together called Baseline to entertain the troops overseas.  The group consisted of four musicians and two Las Vegas showgirls.  This was an opportunity for Arlen to travel and perform in Japan, Okinawa, the Philippines, Diego Garcia, Hawaii, and Las Vegas.  “That was a wonderful time in my life".

From the fall of 1981 until the spring of 1983, Arlen recorded and performed with Frijid Pink.  He was completely flattered and humbled by the opportunities that continued to present themselves

In 1983, Arlen rejoined Salem to see if the magic was still there.  He wrote two new songs entitled “Please Come Back” and “Don’t Leave Me Alone Tonight,” which the band recorded without much success.  In 1984, Arlen decided to hang it up for good with Salem, as the bar scene was a little too much to handle

Spring of 2004,  Arlen records tracks with Kurt Schreitmueller, who owns and operates his own recording studio. Together they produce Arlen's Christmas CD entitled “Holy Knight.”  We will see where this leads..........



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